5 Ways To Dress Up Sweatpants For Class

When the weather outside is frightful and you’re stuck in a season-long food coma, nothing is as tempting throwing on a pair of sweats for class.
When it comes to said sweats, you have options: You can go for those dumpy, tattered boyfriend pants that aren’t exactly the most flattering pants you own….or you could find a way to make sweats stylish. Lucky for you, there are quite a few ways to accomplish the latter and we’re sharing five suggestions below.

1. Opt for tapered sweats.

tapered sweats
No matter how you style them, fitted sweats will never look as sloppy as the baggy ones do. The great part? You can score this pair for a mere $20.

2. Pair them with something preppy.

preppy sweats
Now that you’ve scored your tapered sweats, it’s time to think about pairing them with something unexpected. We love the option of mixing casual sweats with a polished button-down shirt. Layer a cropped sweater over it to cop one of this season’s biggest trends.

3. Choose a pair of faux-leather sweats

faux leather sweats
These were super trendy last year and they’re still awesome for when you want the comfort and slouch of sweats but with a more fashion-forward vibe. You can pair them with something super simple, like a plain white tee, and still make a fashionable statement.

4. Don’t pair them with knee-length boots

Tucking your sweats into boots is just never flattering – it can make even the lankiest girl look stumpy, as though her legs were visually sliced where the boots hit the leg. If you’re wearing sweats, opt for ankle booties or cute sneakers.

5. Keep your shirt fitted

You have so many options when you’re choosing the shirt to pair with your sweatpants: You can go for a plain tee shirt, a cute sweater or even a structured blazer. There’s really only one rule: create balance with the slouchy pants by keeping your shirt on the tighter side.

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