Get Her Look: Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke From Revenge

As the main character¬†on ABC’s Revenge, Emily Thorne¬†consistently pulls off the impossible. For starters, she spent years successfully hiding her true identity as Amanda Clarke, the daughter of a truly despised presumed dead terrorist. She bagged the most eligible guy in town. She can kick some serious ass. And, most impressive of all, she can literally take on men twice her size and emerge from the fight looking fabulous.
Granted, most of don’t have Emily/Amanda’s seemingly limitless funds and therefor can’t wear every stunning couture piece she owns, but copying some semblance of her look isn’t out of the question. The character favors neutral shades – beige, cream, camel – but can also embrace the appeal of a good red dress. She practically oozes class and good taste and she’s clearly mastered the art of clutching an evening bag. We’ve picked ten pieces that will help you find your inner Emily Thorne (or maybe Amanda Clarke?)

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