30 Quotes from HBO's Girls to Get You Pumped for Season 4

If you aren’t completely stoked for season four of Girls to premiere tomorrow, you need to reevaluated your life. The trailer has already given us quotes that make you think, “Wow, it’s like Lena Dunham expresses my life better than I know it myself.” Exhibit A: Adam’s remark, “To Hannah, taking the next step in a series of random steps.” If AIM was still a thing, my profile and away messages would consist solely of Girls quotes. They’re THAT good.
To help remember why you missed this show so damn much, let’s look at the most relatable and memorable quotes from the first three seasons. Don’t forget to watch the season four premiere of Girls on HBO tomorrow, January 11th at 9 PM.

1. “I don’t even want a boyfriend. I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time and thinks I’m the best person in the world and wants to have sex with only me.” – Hannah
2. “Sometimes being stuck in my own head is so exhausting that it makes me want to cry.” – Marnie
3. “I really care about you and I don’t want to anymore because it feels too shitty for me.” – Hannah
4. “I’m offended by all the ‘supposed to’s.’ I don’t like women telling other women what to do or how to do it or when to do it.” – Jessa
5. “I just wish someone would tell me, like, ‘This is how the rest of your life should look.’” –  Marnie
6. “I realize I’m not different. I want what everyone wants. I want what they all want. I want all the things. I just want to be happy.” – Hannah
7. “No one could ever hate me as much as I hate myself, okay? So any mean thing someone’s gonna think of to say about me, I’ve already said to me, about me, probably in the last half hour.” – Hannah
8. “I’m attracted to everyone when I first meet them. And then it wears off. It always wears off.” – Jessa
9. “I have been dating someone who treats my heart like it’s monkey meat. I feel like a delusional invisible person half the time, so I need to learn what it’s like to be treated well before it’s too late for me.” – Hannah
10. “I could be a drug addict. Do you realize how lucky you are?” – Hannah
11. “Guys, we’re so disconnected now. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to have fun together and prove to everyone via Instagram that we can still have fun as a group.” – Marnie
12. “When we are together, he’s so there, and he’s so present, and then… he disappears for two weeks, and doesn’t answer any of my text messages, and I feel as though I invented him.” – Hannah
13. “I’d say in some ways he’s the most mature person I’ve ever met and in other ways he has not yet been born.” – Hannah
14. “I swear to God, sometimes I feel like I am in ‘The Truman Show,’ but it’s like really a walking American Apparel ad and I don’t even know it!” – Shoshanna
15. “I have work, then a dinner thing, and then I am busy trying to become who I am.” – Hannah
16. “Let’s have the type of night where it’s 5 a.m. and one of us has definitely punched someone who’s been on a Disney Channel show.” – Elijah
17. “It’s really liberating to say no to shit you hate.” – Hannah
18. “Just because I tasted her cum and spit or could tell you her middle name or knew a record she liked, that doesn’t mean anything. That’s not a connection. Anyone can have that. Really knowing someone is something else. It’s a completely different thing and when it happens you won’t be able to miss it.” – Adam
19. “Do you know that part on your resume where they ask if you have any special skills? Well, it’s the thing where they ask you to list like, ‘yoga, Spanish, water skiing, Photoshop.’ I feel like I don’t have any special skills.” – Hannah
20. “I think I’m definitely a Carrie at heart, but sometimes…sometimes Samantha kind of comes out. And then, when I’m at school, I definitely try to put on my Miranda hat.” – Shoshanna
21. “You know what the weirdest part about having a job is? You have to be there every day, even on days you don’t feel like it.” – Jessa
22. “I’m scared, okay? I’m really scared all the time.” – Hannah
23. “I am okay. I may not seem okay, and I may not be okay now, but I am like, okay.” – Marnie
24. “I’m not interested in anything they have to say! That’s not the point of friendship.” – Hannah
25. “Yeah, well, you weren’t very nice. You hurt me, okay? You hurt my feelings. But I can deal with it because I have my big girl pants on.” – Shoshanna
26. “It’s like, ‘Sorry I passed you an STD but I really enjoy your quirky web presence.'”- Hannah
27. “I’m a difficult person. Everyone’s a difficult person. She was accepting of my brand of different. She was okay with it.” – Adam
28. “I can never tell if guys are attractive in a loserly way or if they’re just losers.” – Hannah
29. “Everyone’s a dumb whore.” – Shoshanna
30. “You vibrate on a very strange frequency.” – Ray
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