The 7 Types Of Opening Messages You'll Get on Tinder

Getting a notification that someone has sent you a message on Tinder is like getting a birthday package from your grandma in the mail: you were sort of expecting something but have no idea if the box’s contents are good or bad. Luckily, there are only a finite ways to begin a conversation with a complete stranger so you can expect one of the following starting off points. Also luckily, there’s always the unmatch option.

1. “Hey,” “Hi,” “Hello”
While this might seem like a perfectly normal greeting, on Tinder it’s a bit awkward. It’s like he had nothing of value to say so he’s throwing the ball back in the your court. If it’s a “heyyyyy,” you can just assume he hasn’t gotten laid in a while.
2. Cheesy Pick Up Line
Begin your eye roll when you see, “Did it hurt?”┬áHe probably uses this with 90% of the girls he messages so feel free to ask what his success rate is. He will lie and say you’re the only one’s he’s used it on as if that’s supposed to make you feel special.
3. Drunk Message
It’s 4 AM and you get a misspelled marriage proposal.
4. Inappropriate Sex Question
I get that a lot of people use Tinder for hookups, but if you actually meet up with the guy that messages you, “Will you sit on my face?” first thing, you’re asking for trouble in all kinds of ways.
5. Compliment
While a generic “You’re cute” is lame, what girl doesn’t love hearing she has a nice smile…even from a stranger 14 miles away? Best paired best with a “How’s your day going?” compliments can be a good jumping off point. However, compliments can get weird fast – like the guy who says you have nice feet.
6. Ridiculous Question
Would you rather fight a duck the size of a horse or ten horses the size of ducks? A crazy situational question at least is interesting and gets you thinking. This guy could be a lot of fun or he just is unoriginal and sends the same thing to everyone.
7. Legitimate Conversation Starter
Getting a message such as, “Where were you in your third picture? It looks awesome!” is a breath of fresh air. He actually looked at your profile. He found you interesting or saw something in common. He didn’t just send the same thing he sends to every girl he messages. If you’re going to actually meet a good person on Tinder, your conversation probably begins like this.
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