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5 Cuter Alternatives To The Messy Bun


messy bun

If you’re anything like me, you tend to get real lazy in the winter: Sleeping in until the last minute, skipping basic grooming steps, refusing to wear any pants without an elastic waist, etc. Chances are, washing your hair isn’t exactly high on your list of priorities right now.

When it comes to your hair, you may think only have two options: Either haul ass out of bed early and wash/blow dry or toss it all up into a messy bun – if the latter option is your go-to these days, read on. We’re sharing some super easy styles that work well on dirty hair and look a bit more polished than the standard messy bun.

1. The ‘Spin Pin’ bun:

spin pinsIt’s not the first time I’ve discussed this magical little gem of a styling tool but that’s because it really is incredible. The ‘spin pin’ bun is even easier to create than your standard messy bun is. You simply form a bun, then slide one pin into the top of your bun and stick the other pin into the bottom, allowing the pins to meet at a diagonal. You bun will last a long time, feel comfortable and look like a slightly undone ballerina bun.

2. The neat low ponytail:

low ponytail

We often forget about this style because it’s quite conservative, but pulling your hair into a neat low bun can make you look even more put-together than a blowout would. This is ideal for days when you’re rushing to a job interview or have to make a presentation in class. Make a deep side part, then pull your into a low ponytail and, if you want to make it look even neater, apply a bit of styling creme to the hair to keep flyways at bay.


3. The headband:

hayden panetierre headband


Channel your inner Blair Waldorf! It’s probably been a while since you’ve worn a headband to pull your hair off your face and a dirty hair day is sort of the perfect time to do it. You just have to place headband at the front of your forehead, then use it to push the front of your hair backwards – when your hair is dirty, this style gives you crazy volume and lets your hair cascade in the prettiest way possible. They key to using this as method top conceal greasy roots is to get those telltale hairs away from your face.

4. The sock bun:
lauren conrad sock bun

Ever wondered how celebs get those perfect, massive buns? Chances are, there’s a sock hiding up there. You can literally use a (washed) sock you have lying around your place for this look. It takes a little time to master it but once you do, it’s super easy. Try following this tutorial for a guide to creating this look at home.

5. This dry shampoo trick:

dry shampoo

Sure, everyone knows about dry shampoo. I’m willing to bet most of you reading this even use it regularly. But here’s one trick that’ll not only boost the effectiveness of your spray, it’ll also save you those crucial two minutes in the AM. Try applying your dry shampoo to your roots the night before – that way it’ll really get up into your strands and thicken them up really nicely. It’ll also give you a bit of hold so that natural messiness your hair takes on when you sleep will stay put all day long, albeit with a bit more definition, which’ll just make the balance of neatness and effortlessness work so well.


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