Wedge Boots: Your Winter Wardrobe’s Ultimate Style Savior

Nothing kills your sartorial buzz like putting on a cute outfit, looking outside your window and seeing piles of snow on the ground and having to make the decision between looking cute in heels and staying safe in flats. Since none of us enjoy falling on our butts, we tend to go for the latter option.
On seriously inclement days, wear your heavy duty snow boots, no matter how silly it looks with your outfit, Staying safe and injury-free trumps fashion, after all. But when there’s just a bit of slush on the ground and you’re taking a cab straight from your place to the bar, try this happy medium: Wedge boots.
Wedge boots will give you the lift and style of a pair of heels but thanks to the flat surface, they’re way easier to walk in and much more practical. They also happy to be super trendy right now and you have tons of options to shop – to make things easier for you, we’ve even chosen a few of our favorite pairs for you to shop below.

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