27 Thoughts You'll Definitely Have During Recruitment

Let’s face it: rush is so strange. You’re expected to have a wonderful, flowing conversation with someone you don’t know. It’s a bunch of small talk and girl flirting, and you’re destined to have a few awkward moments or freak outs.
It’s not just potential members that can get caught in an awkward encounters, but actives, too. Actives are just as nervous, and sometimes even more so, than potential new members. They’re trying to be as friendly as possible, and follow every ridiculous rule their rush chair sets… Because if they don’t, they’re screwed.

So, without further ado, here are some thoughts you’ll definitely have during recruitment.

1. I can’t hear a word you’re saying, but I’m going to pretend I know what you’re saying. Wait for it… ~nod~ “Yeah, totally!”
2. She’s from Idaho? Where is that, even?
3. You and I know we both hooked up with the same guy, so I hope you’re at least a little scared of me (this should really only apply to actives).
4. If I get someone with bad breath I might as well pretend like I’m going to faint. What warrants the “save me” gesture?
5. Whatever you do, do not pick your wedgie. Spanx are both a blessing and a curse.
6. Does she feel as awkward as I do? How could she not? Wait, what did she just ask me?
7. Okay great, my palms are soaked… Does she notice I’m sweating like a celebrity at the Golden Globes?
8. Oh my god, STOP twirling your napkin in your hands!
9. When can I look away from the video to see all the actives? Wait for it… NO I made eye contact with one of them. Shit, shit, shit.
10. Whatever you do, do not bring up the weather again.
11. Do I know her from real life or just from the PowerPoint?
12. Hold on, what do I already know about her? I know, she loves horseback riding, which I know next to nothing about — but hello, next conversation topic.
13. No one told me that people were going to be singing in my face and clapping to some mediocre tune. I definitely did not sign up for this.
14. Oh no, I need to yawn. Don’t open your mouth. Don’t open your mouth.
15. If I get brick-walled, I’m brick-walling her right back.
16. If I hear the word “sisterhood” one more time…
17. Ok, how much time has gone by? Maybe like 20? So I have 25 more minutes left? Fuck.
18. It’s freezing in here. Please tell me I’m not nipping.
19. I already forgot her name.
20. I’m so glad she loves it here, but for the love of all that is good, please don’t cry. Either I’m going to start crying too, or I’m not going to know how to handle you.
22. Should I ask a typical question, or try something outside the box?… “So, what’s your major?”
23. Ok she’s beautiful. This is too intimidating.
24. Why is she looking at me like that? Are those just her eyes? Is there something on my face?
25. I should’ve peed last break. I can’t focus. Kill me.
26. Ha, can’t feel my feet from my heels. Awesome.
27. Why did I do this again?
No matter how uncomfortable it gets, recruitment can end up being incredibly fulfilling. If you’re an active or you’re a rushee, you went through this process for a reason. The sorority experience is worth the awkward moments of recruitment, but unfortunately, rush is part of the gig.
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