The Hottest Guys On The WB & The CW: A Definitive Guide

nathan and lucas scott
When people ask me what kind of TV shows I like, there’s really only one answer that seems to encompass it: I like shows that air on The CW.
Sure, not all my favorite shows are on this network but the ones that are just have that addictive quality in spades. They’re all about drama, glamour and totally outlandish situations – and in my mind, that’s the stuff good TV is made of. Let’s not forget one other fact about The CW: The network is chock full of people who are almost too pretty to be real.
The CW has made household names out of some seriously incredibly female celebrities – Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy, Sophia Bush and AnnaLynne McCord, to name a few – and whether they’re ‘Gossip’ or ‘Gilmore,’ we love the girls of The CW. But let’s not forget the men: The guys who brought major drama to the network were also pretty easy on the eyes. Choosing the best of the lot was nearly impossible (I mean, how does one choose between Lucas and Nathan Scott?) but I’ve managed to pick the ten most standout fictional characters, all of the male variety. Did you favorite make the cut?

10.) Navid Shirazi, 90210 (Michael Steger)

Pros: Navid is sensitive and has a fun goofy side to him. He’s also a but more sophisticated than his guy friends, a good dresser and just nerdy enough to be interesting. He’s a standup guy by most accounts, even offering to marry his girlfriend when she got pregnant (with another guy’s baby.)
Cons: Navid and Adrianna, his main love interest throughout the series, have a weird, tumultuous relationship, to say the least. Granted, that has more to do with her being a little cray cray but regardless, it shows that Navid is weirdly into drama and ain’t nobody got for that.

9.) Pacey Witter, Dawson’s Creek (Joshua Jackson)

Pacey witter
Pros: Compared to Dawson, the series’ protagonist, Pacey was downright scintillating. He was the type of bad boy girls dream of finding: The kind who changes when he finds the right girl. You just know Pacey would do anything for Joey.
Cons: He’s a bit of an underachiever and thanks to his tough childhood, he’s a little troubled and emotionally unavailable. Also, let’s not forget about when he had frosted tips.

8.) Jonah Miller, Melrose Place (Michael Rady)

jonah miller
Pros: He’s the kind of guy who proposes to his girlfriend in the most authentic way possible. He’s also smart, creative and interesting. Jonah manages to navigate the glitz and glam of LA without losing a sense of who he is and what he wants.
Cons: He’s almost too idealistic. And too into comic books and obscure films. Also, he’s so hopelessly in love with that awful Riley when everyone knows he should be with Ella.

7.) Nigel Barker, America’s Next Top Model (self)

nigel barker
Pros: Okay, so he’s not a fictional character but this ANTM judge needs a place on this list. I mean, that bone structure? Swoon. Talk about the literal meaning of the term ‘model good looks.’ He’s also mature, talented, fashionable and artistic.
Cons: He’s married. Womp.

6.) Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (David Boreanaz)

angel buffy
Pros: Tall, dark and handsome. The strong silent type. All these cliches may as well have been written about him. He’s the kind of guy who makes you feel so, so safe and protected.
Cons: I mean, he did turn evil at one point. That was bad. He’s also old as hell.

5.) Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaires (Paul Wesley)

stefan salvatore
Pros: He’s so much more reliable than his bad boy brother, Damon and in my opinion, he’s better looking too. Stefan is a nice guy (for the most part) and he’s super, super loyal. Exhibit A: He’s still always there for the girl who broke his heart and left him for aforementioned brother. Exhibit B: He literally had the same bestie for a century.
Cons: Admittedly, he’s not as magnetic or romantic as Damon is. He also tends to get real douchey after a trauma. Like Angel, he is extremely old. See also: undead.

4.) Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill (Chad Michael Murray)

Pros: He’s athletic but sensitive, gorgeous yet slightly shy. If he loves you enough, he’ll write a book about you. No matter who you look at it, he’s a good guy and he really loves his mom. He has a way with words and says tons of sweet things (which can also be a con, see below.)
Cons: Ugh, can we stop it with the whole brooding thing already? He also says a lot of really corny shit. And why does he have to tell every girl he dates that she’s ‘the one?’ Talk about a serial monogamist. Also, quit with those stupid hairstyles.

3.) Logan Huntzberger, Gilmore Girls (Matt Czuchry)

Pros: He’s sophisticated. He oozes charm. He’s the exact definition of ‘a catch.’ He’s generous and sweet and when he falls in love, he’s all in. And best of all, he would buy you a Birkin bag.
Cons: His family is sort of the worst and he’s clearly pretty full of himself. He’s super immature, yet he thinks he’s ready for marriage. Also, he’s in love with Rory Gilmore and that’s just unoriginal.

2.) Nate Archibald, Gossip Girl (Chace Crawford)

The Wild Brunch
Pros: Those eyes. Nate might be the prettiest TV character of all time. But enough about the superficial: He’s also sweet, polite, a good friend and great at impressing moms. He’s elegant but he still likes to do normal things like drink beer and play video games. Being with him would mean being friends with Blair Waldorf.
Cons: He’s not the brightest bulb and he is probably the least exciting of all the Gossip boys. He also has a bit of a cougar problem. Being with him would mean you have to tolerate Serena van der Woodsen.

1.) Nathan Scott, One Tree Hill (James Lafferty)

nathan scott one tree hill
Pros: He’s a family-minded professional athlete. Do those even exist anymore? He’s a great dad and is completely devoted to love. He’s even better looking than his brother (though that’s up for debate, I guess – admittedly it’s a very close call) and he’s capable of changing for the better.
Cons: He started out as a major jerk, his family is all kinds of messed up and he would try to put a ring on it real fast.
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