19 Ways You Overanalyze Texting a Guy

Texting a boy has easily become one of the most stressful situations a girl can find herself in. If you’re especially interested, you want to craft the perfect message to make sure the conversation continues, while trying to somewhat woo him at the same time. There’s the weird first conversation you’ll have to try to get a feel for how he texts, and that will soon be followed by consultation with every friend you have for approved responses.
To all guys out there – yes, we overthink it. I can’t speak for all women, but texting the opposite sex can be either suave or hectic (it’s usually a combination of both). If it’s a conversation we want to have and have been looking forward to, our minds will worry at 1,000 miles per minute.

In no particular order, our thoughts go a little something like this:

1. Do I initiate the conversation or should he? Screw it, I’m gonna be bold and just go for it.… how do I start it? “Hey whats up?” It’s almost too cliché.
2. Ew, I don’t know if I’m into his excessive emojis.
3. Let me check if he opened my Snapchat… So you can open my Snapchat, but you can’t text me back?!
4. I swear, if he replies with a one-worded answer one more time I’m going to fucking lose it.
5. He hasn’t answered in three hours; he’s definitely in the shower.
6. Oh god, he used a period. He’s either pissed or just trying to sound sassy.
7. Okay, so he responded at 3:02, so I need to give it until about 3:16 so I don’t seem too eager.
8. Am I being annoying?
9. So you couldn’t text me all day, but suddenly at 3:30 in the morning you’re curious about what I’m doing? NICE.
10. Why’s he taking so long? He probably hates me. ~5 minutes passes~ Yep, it’s over. Done.
11. Which emoji should I add so I know he knows that I’m trying to flirt? Small smile with big red cheeks or little red cheeks?
12. Before I send it make sure I don’t awkwardly add a “haha” between every sentence.
13. ~See that he’s typing~ Well shit what could he be typing? ~5 minutes later~ WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!?… “haha yeah” HA. Awesome.
14. Are you fucking kidding did he really just send a :p?
15. I CANNOT drunk text him tonight.
16. Am I overthinking this?
17. Do I want to use proper grammar? What if he thinks I’m anal or something?
18. To send a selfie or is that too aggressive?
19. After that conversation, I refuse to every try to text a guy again.
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