Which Girl From 'The Hills' Is Your Style Twin?

The hills girls
In honor of #tbt, let’s take a look back at one of the absolute best reality shows of our generation. I’m talking about The Hills, naturally.
MTV’s gem of a show introduced us to stars like Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner, Speidi Pratt and Audrina ‘Ceiling Eyes’ Patridge. As much as we loved to swoon over Brody, no matter how much Spencer made us appreciate the real guys in our lives and regardless of how confusing  we found Justin Bobby, the ladies were the main attraction on The Hills. We felt Lauren’s pain through the entire series run. We cried mascara tears with her when Heidi betrayed her. And we found ourselves routinely screaming at Audrina to ‘just move on already!’ every time she pined over Justin Bobby.
We all have our favorite character from the show – but do you know who your style twin is? Find out below.
lauren conrad the hills
If you’ve never met a bow you didn’t like, favor romantic details like ruffles and peplums, will never stop loving polka dots and  the A-line silhouette, your style twin is Lauren Conrad. Seriously, anyone who calls LC – one of my all-time girl crushes, not just because she’s gorgeous, but also because she’s so successful and classy – a basic bitch is just hating. If you share Lauren’s sense of style, you’re always wearing feminine, classic dresses with a penchant for whimsical, lightweight pieces. You’re better than just about anyone at putting together a perfectly elegant first date outfit and friends always seek out your advice on what they should wear to weddings.
heidi montag the hills throwback
If you rarely wear black, love to show off your arms and shoulders, would live in a bikini if you could, are into body con dresses, are pro-plastic surgery and count Paris Hilton as one of your icons, you style twin is Heidi Montag (Pratt.) Like Mrs. Pratt, you are super girly and are into the bombshell aesthetic. She may have been the show’s least popular female character but Heidi seemed like a sweet girl, at least for the most part. If you share her style profile, LA is the place for you. She has the colorful California glam thing in spades.
If you love to edge it up with items like leather jackets and distressed jeans, always choose simple dresses, can’t get enough band tees, feel more comfortable in casual clothes than you do when all dressed up and could live in flip flops, your style twin is Audrina Patridge. Like Audrina, you can switch from laid-back West Coast cool to that chic, edgy New York vibe without missing a beat. You dress like a ‘cool girl’ and while all your friends are wearing candy-colored miniskirts, you’re that badass looking incredibly chic in an amazing leather jacket.
If you love sky-high stilettos, tailored blazers, skinny jeans and other classic pieces, tend to favor black and white, like to keep your makeup minimal and natural, love fall fashion and are ashamed to admit you used to wear a lot of denim miniskirts, your style twin is Kristin Cavallari. K-Cav has a bit more of an East Coast thing going than the rest of the girls – which makes sense, since she’s not a Cali native. Like Kristin’s, your style is always evolving and you’re a pro at picking the right outfits for your body type – you would never guess that Kristin is super petite because she is so great at visually lengthening herself via good outfit choices.
If you love lightweight fabrics and bohemian prints, will try any and every trend, resist wearing anything too tight, enjoy showing off your legs and love layering pieces to create the perfect outfit, your style twin is Whitney Port. As the most fashion-forward of the bunch, Whitney is right on top of every trend. While her tall, thin frame helps ensure she pulls off everything she tries, you also have to credit her fearless approach to style. Like Whitney, you just love fashion and truly enjoy mixing different elements.
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