10 Signs You’re in a Committed Relationship With Wine

When you can’t wait to get home to see it, and you sometimes even cancel plans to have some one-on-one time, you might have to accept that you’re in a very real relationship…with vino.


1. You buy your wine cute accessories such as glasses, wine stoppers, and glasses charms.

wine big glass

2. You’ve used terms like “soulmate” and “shoulder to cry on” when describing your favorite Pinot Grigio.

wine real housewives

3. You know Two-Buck Chuck will be there whether you’re feeling sad or have a reason to celebrate.


4. Your friends have tagged you in a Facebook photo as a bottle of Barefoot.


5. You’ve requested that Yellowtail is served at your funeral and you’re buried with a bottle.


6. You’d rather stay in and watch a movie with a few glasses of Merlot than interact with other humans. Luckily you and Merlot hate all the same people.


7. Your arm candy at parties is a box of Franzia.

chelsea handler wine

8. You’ve buckled your newly purchased wine in the car to ensure a safe drive home.


9. Going to a wine tasting feels a little like cheating on your old, reliable favorites, but you know they’ll understand and support you expanding your horizons.

 wine gaga justin timberlake

10. You’re willing to lie about how you met (snuck a few sips when your parents went to bed during a freshman year sleepover and it’s been true love ever since).

wine drawer
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