10 Signs You're The Carrie Bradshaw Of Your Group

There are few TV characters as iconic as Carrie Bradshaw.
On a show about four very different women, Carrie was the closest thing Sex and the City had to the urban everygirl. She was arguably the most relatable of all the women on the show: Plagued by financial woes, cheating lovers and all-consuming love of fashion. Her life was no fairy tale – in fact, it was a hot mess most of the time – but it had moments of true happiness. She had great friends, an insanely cool job, and a hot guy to obsess over, which is sort of everything when you think about it.
Most girls think of themselves as the Carrie of their group and I would say that most of them are probably right. I mean, I’ve always aligned myself with the main character over the others: I’m a freelance writer, I have a nasty shoe habit, and like Carrie, I have a hard time figuring out what I want. And can’t most of us relate to that part of the equation? Here are ten signs that you are really, truly the Carrie among your friends.

1. Your parents constantly tell you you’re irresponsible with money.


2. You would live off of ramen noodles for a month.

If it meant you could buy a pair of ridiculously expensive shoes. Fashion > food.

3. You will never, ever move to the suburbs.

The city noise lulls you to sleep every night.

4. Your friends praise your ability to mix high and low end items.

You’re creative enough to know how to mix $500 shoes with a $3 thrift shop find.

5. The idea of a 9-5 office job horrifies you.

You just don’t see yourself doing that.

6. You’ve been in an on and off relationship.

You just couldn’t seem to stay away from each other, okay?!?

7. You’ve sabotaged everything with an amazing guy.

You regret even though you knew there was something better out there for you.

8. You can’t decide whether you want a husband and kids one day…

Or total freedom to do as you please.

9. You’ve always been a dreamer

And that’s what gives you the courage to chart your own path.

10. You own an ‘I’m a Carrie’ shirt.

Self-awareness is key.
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