Binge Watch/Binge Drink: The Gilmore Girls Game You Need In Your Life

If you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls yet, do yourself a favor and get on that.¬†
The show’s premise is incredibly simple: It’s about a single mother who is raising her brilliant daughter. It blows open every stereotype you’ve ever heard about single mothers. Both Lorelai, the mother, and Lorelai, the daughter (who goes by Rory,) are smart, successful and have their shit together. They’re also incredibly close and have that best friend relationship you always wanted with your own mom.
It doesn’t sound like the most interesting show in the world but the simplicity of Gilmore Girls is its greatest strength. In a world where TV shows are either about insanely rich teenagers sleeping with each others’ parents, supernatural creatures, or charming men who lead secret lives as serial killers, it’s refreshing to come across a show that’s true to life. You can relate to Lorelai Gilmore’s inability to let herself be happy. You understand why Rory is so hard on herself and neurotic. You’ve been there.
The show’s seven seasons show plenty of change. Both women have a few significant relationships, experience personality changes and the series straddles two different locations. Still, a few things remain at the core of the series and those things all warrant a sip of whichever alcoholic beverage you choose to enjoy while watching.
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Interested? Get yourself to a couch and sip on something every time one of these things happens.

1. Either Rory or Lorelai says the word ‘coffee.’
2. Either Rory or Lorelai references the fact that they are best friends.
3. Luke’s diner is shown.
4. Lorelai mentions her love of snow.
5. Lorelai makes a sarcastic comment at her mother’s expense.
6. Lorelai sabotages her own love life.
7. Someone falls in love with Rory.
8. Rory has a mini-panic attack.
9. A book is mentioned (word on the street is that the show references over 300 books.)
10. Christopher does something romantic.
11. Luke does something unromantic.
12. Lane has a secret from her mother.
13. Someone describes Rory as ‘smart’ or ‘beautiful’ or ‘wonderful’ (lightweights should skip this step.)
14. Richard and Emily Gilmore say something that sounds elitist.
15. You and your friends disagree with whom Lorelai/Rory should end up with.
16. You wish Lorelai was you mom and decide to instead make her your spirit animal.
17. You wish you had Rory’s utterly charmed life.
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