17 Reasons Netflix is Your Boyfriend

We all have some sort of love/hate relationship with television. Whether it’s good, bad, or flat out ugly, it’s classic entertainment. Netflix, however, has introduced the ultimate movie/TV show lover’s paradise. When I say lover’s paradise, I also mean Netflix is one of the best boyfriends a girl can have.
Through the good and the bad, he’s not going anywhere. Literally. Maybe you haven’t realized you’re in a committed relationship with him, but don’t worry – he’s happy to be with you (unlike the guy you’re actually kind of dating). Here’s why Netflix makes the ultimate boyf:
netflix boyfriend

1. He’s always willing to share a glass of wine with you.

2. He’s fine with doing things according to your schedule.

3. He’s the best cuddle buddy, and he doesn’t hog the covers (or ask you for anything).

4. He knows exactly how to make you laugh.

5. He actually knows you so well that he suggests some of your favorite TV shows and movies.

6. He never nags.

7. He’ll listen to you bitch.

8. He’s full of romance.

9. Your friends love him, too.

10. There’s no way your family wouldn’t approve of him.

11. He’s willing to travel with you.

12. When you’re stressed out, he helps you relax and get your mind off things.

13. Want to stay up all night and just hang out? He’s down.

14. He won’t get jealous when you want to go out with your girlfriends.

15. He thinks you look your best in sweats.

16. He knows how much you hate annoying commercials, so he got rid of them for you. How thoughtful.

17. While dating costs money, Netflix is only $8.99 a month (and your parents probably pay for it, anyway).

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