7 Movies That Should Be Turned Into Musicals

Theater is a very expensive art. Since it is much harder to convince producers to invest in completely original projects, the trend of making hit movies into staged musical productions has caught on. From Legally Blonde to Bring It On to The Lion King, it definitely helps sell tickets if audiences are a little bit familiar with the concept.
While some movies have certainly made the jump better than others, there is no denying that this seems to be the fad of the moment. Here are a few movies that should definitely make the jump to the Great White Way.

Magic Mike: The Musical

magic mike
Who wouldn’t love a show with a little audience participation? Part Chippendales, part song and dance, total party. Every bachelorette party in NYC would start with a night at the theater. Plus, the show wouldn’t have to spend much on costumes!

Mean Girls: The Musical

mean girls
A storyline like this is begging to be made into a musical. Sample songs include, “Ugliest Effing Skirt,” “That’s So Fetch,” and “The Regina Sabotage Montage.”

Pitch Perfect: The Musical

pitch perfect
It’s about time that Broadway has its first a capella show. This would be an easy transition to the stage since there are already so many musical elements. Just imagine a riff-off live!

The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical

devil wears prada
It’s time Meryl Streep takes a break from the big screen and showcase her musical talents (as seen in Mamma Mia! and Into the Woods) in front of a live audience! She could reprise her role as the perfect Broadway villain, Miranda Priestly. And those costumes would be to die for.

Hocus Pocus: The Musical

hocus pocus
Your favorite Halloween movie is begging for a shot at the stage! There are already a few songs in the movie…seriously, how fun would the Sanderson sisters crashing the party and performing “I Put a Spell On You” be live? Not sure how they’d handle the talking cat, Thackary, but that’s part of the intrigue of musical adaptations!

Miss Congeniality: The Musical

miss congeniality
What better setting for a musical comedy than a beauty pageant? Ahem…I meant, scholarship program. Sutton Foster would be perfect in Sandra Bullock’s lead role. And please let there be a song about world peace.

Pleasantville: The Musical

This movie starring Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon about siblings who get transported into a black and white, family friendly television show and really shake things up. Not only would there be an awesome ’50s doo-wop score, but the transition from black and white to color would be magical.
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