7 TV Couples We’ll Never Stop Shipping


I’ve had my fair share of strong opinions about the love lives of my favorite TV characters. Like, why did Lucas and Brooke date not once, but twice, when they had so little in common? I mean, I love me some B. Davis, but let’s face it: He belonged with Peyton. Brooke was too good to be brought down by all of Lucas’ broody misery, which complimented Peyton’s more understandable broody misery perfectly.

Also, why was everyone so quick to condone Chuck Bass’ disgusting behavior? He was legit psycho and abusive and Blair Waldorf should have been with someone who would never trade her for any hotel.

There are plenty of divisive TV love triangles (see: Delena vs. Stelena) we’ve watched through the years but once in a while, a show features a couple you just can’t not love. These are the five best matches made in TV heaven.

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