5 Musicals We Want To See On Live TV

If you tuned in to The Sound Of Music or Peter Pan live telecasts, you know just how fantastically entertaining these live musical telecasts can be. Better yet, if you checked Twitter during either of shows, you know how fantastically entertaining all the snarky comments that can be made about them are.

I see these musical adaptions becoming a major thing. It’s been just over a year since the Sound Of Music, in all its underacted glory, started this new phenom and we’re already about to watch our third installment of the network TV musical. Grease is all set to air soon on Fox with Vanessa Hudgens and Julianne Hough¬†in two of the lead roles (by the way, what do you think of our picks for Danny Zuko?)

We hope they bring some of our favorite stage shows to our screens soon (’cause Broadway tickets are $$$$) but we know that some simply won’t translate that well onscreen. Spring Awakening, for example. It’s an absolutely incredible show but I just feel it’s too dark and contemporary for this sort of¬†telecast, not too mention too raunchy for network television.

On the other hand, some musicals would be perfect for this sort of repurposing. These are a few of the shows we’d love to see live.

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