Outlander Clip Is All the Sexy Scottish Narration You’ll Ever Need

In the increasingly weird world of breaking up TV seasons in a way that looks nothing like the elementary school year, Outlander, in all its sexy Scottish glory, finished the first half of its season way, way back in a time of sun and going home before dark and won’t return until April 4th. As fans wait, the show has released a one minute clip from the return episode which features Jamie (Sam Heughan) waxing poetic about life or something? I’m not sure, the sheer sound of his voice is way too distracting to get any context. The show’s producer reveals this next episode will be told from Jamie’s perspective, not Claire’s which, spoiler alert, means things are going to get a lot more romantic narration wise. While Claire spent her inner monologue on a serious guilt trip for even entertaining the notion she might be turned on by her new Scottish hubby, Jamie is one hundred percent on board the Claire train. Only just over two months of waiting left!


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