The Official Timeline Of Your First Date Party

We all know the most outrageous social event of the year: the first date party of the season. The location, the outfit, and the date all go hand in hand to have a kick-ass kick-off to the semester.
Whether your sorority travels to a different city or explores its own, this is most likely what you’ll encounter.

The Preparation

sorority date party timeline
Dress first, obviously (Unless you’re like me and usually can’t decide until the night of). Then the ideas for everything else start flowing. Do I need a spray tan? What should my hair look like? Does this dress scream, “I wanna make out someone tonight”? Which leads us to…

The Date

The friend? The boyfriend? The set-up? The guy in your math class you’ve always been in love with but need to grow the balls to ask him? So many wonderful, yet stressful, options.

The Planning

By planning, I mean setting up the pregame. You probably have a group of friends that will have dates that get along with yours, or you’ll set it up that way. Whether your pregame is in a dorm, at happy hour, or at a restaurant, this early drinking really gets your night going.

The Dress Up

sorority date
You may skip a class that afternoon in order to take all the time in the world to get ready, and we all know it’s so worth it in the end. This is the time you use to just get pumped.

The Pregame

pregame college

The Bus

Depending on how your pregame went, the bus ride can be rough. It’s one of the best times to talk to your date, and the most awkward time for them if all of your friends are singing your sorority chants.

The Dance

Due to lack of accurate explanation, I will describe the actual event in gifs:

The Bus Ride Back

If you were a sober monitor, I am so so sorry. It’s the worst time of your life. For everyone else…

Deciding Whether To Go To Your Date’s Home or Go Out

If you’ve been drinking since about 5:00 or 6:00, it might be the best idea to go home, but we all know our drunk selves just want more. If you go out, the morning will be rough and I can guarantee you your feet will be in unbelievable misery.


The Morning

Hell no.
Your morning will result in drama, brunch, or just a hardcore hangover.
The first date party of the season might seem like nothing special, but the vibe is beyond amplified. Make sure you prepare yourself accordingly, because you only get one first time.
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