The 15 Types of Guys You Hook Up with Freshman Year

Oh, freshman year. A year full of regrets, yet everyone would relive it again if they could. “Regrets” could range from not going to that class you definitely should have, to not getting involved enough on campus, or – the best and/or worst of all – those uncomfortable, miscellaneous hook ups.
Most people say that freshman year is the year of new experiences. Every freshmen is just trying to figure out their alcohol tolerance, their friends, their major, and essentially themselves; so, along the way, interesting hook ups are bound to happen.

1. The Guy on Your Floor

What’s great about him is that you have a 75% chance of running into him everyday!

2. The Guy in Your Class

You can’t tell if he has a hidden agenda or not. Nevertheless, once he sees you out, he pulls the “You have to help me with my homework because so smart” bullshit that you fall for it.

3. The “Friend”

AKA the guy you’re friends with for a while, and you think, “Hey, I finally have a really good guy friend!” But then you both get drunk – boom. “Friendship” may or may not be over.

4. The Roommates

This is just no fun to deal with for very obvious reasons.

5. The Constantly Drunk Pledge

He clearly loves the college life, and finds that getting with chicks is what he’s best at (other than drinking, of course).

6. The DFMO

For those of you unaware of the acronym – Dance Floor Make Out. If you thought you left those back in high school, think again.

7. The Booty Call

1:00 A.M.: “Sup?” You may or may not go for it, but these texts are a practically a tradition freshman year (or for the rest of your life – don’t worry, you’re not the only one).

8. The Guy You Get Set Up with for a Party

He said he’d go with you, so he clearly thinks you’re hot. You said you’d go with him, so you clearly think he’s hot. Need I say more?

9. The Guy You Had Hope For

You might be somewhat into each other, or maybe you’ve been texting each other for a while, so it’s bound to happen. I’m no psychic, but if it worked out, kudos! If not, no need to fret because as they say – there are many more fish in the sea (cue face of doubtfulness)!

10. The Clingy Older Dude that Lives Off Campus

Since he’s not around campus often, you never have to see him. At least until you least expect it – that’s the best surprise!!!

11. The Guy that Never Lets You Buy Your Own Drinks

Yes, I will always take a free drink. No, I will not hook up with you if you buy me one. ~A few drinks later~ Ah, screw it.

12. The Athlete

Needless to say, what girl has ever said, “I hate athletic, fit guys?”

13. The Older Guy Who Goes to Every Freshman Event

He’s a year older, and that apparently makes him a hotter and better hook up story to tell your friends… until you realize they all have the same story about the same guy.

14. The Guy You Will Never Again Acknowledge in Daylight

He’s the one you’ll walk by while going to class, and your natural instinct is to immediately put your head down and pretend to text. Fast forward to your night out – it’s like you’re best friends.

15. The Guy You Know Your Sober Self Would Despise

He’s a flaming douchebag, and you know it. The catch is: you also find him attractive. Your drunk self tends to gravitate towards attractive douchebags –so, you do the math.

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