A Look At Mindy Lahiri's Most Fabulously Ridiculous Outfits

The only person more hilarious and awesome than Mindy Lahiri is Mindy Kaling.
The two women have some similarities: They’re both self-deprecating, wicked smart and are both, you know….named Mindy. But make no mistake: Mindy Kaling does not just play herself on The Mindy Project. For example, Mindy Lahiri is a doctor and that’s pretty much the only occupation Mindy Kaling hasn’t conquered in real life. Oh, and the real life Mindy is a fierce fashionista whereas the fictional Mindy has a….quirkier sense of style.
Honestly, Mindy Lahiri’s wardrobe just makes the character even funnier. We can’t help but love her even more every time she steps out in some over-the-top tweed ensemble, an outfit made of like 5 layers, or some bright-ass monochromatic getup. These have been some of her most delightful style moments thus far. We can’t wait to see what she does (and wears) next.
Oh, and gurl can I borrow one of your (many) Chanel purses sometime? Kthanks.

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