10 Signs You're The Samantha Jones Of Your Group

Oh, Samantha. Let’s be honest: Sex And The City would have been pretty boring without her.
If you’re the Samantha Jones of , chances are you’re the person who brings the humor. With that being said, Samantha was much more than just a potty-mouthed, oversexed, filter-challenged vixen. She always one the show’s warmest, wisest characters. She doled out spot-on advice, even when she had zero idea how to soften her blows. She stood by her friends no matter what. She did whatever the hell she wanted to do and in many ways, she was the shows ultimate feminist.
Are you the Samantha of your group? If any of these statement describe you, you just might be.

1. You can’t picture yourself ever wanting kids.

You understand why other people want them, you just think they’d cramp your style.

2. You’ve been given dirty looks while out in public.

Mostly by parents with young children who overheard you talking about something ‘adult.’

3. You don’t understand your friends’ body image insecurities.

You know you’re not perfect but you’ve also never had any complaints.

4. You have a long list of dudes who want to be your boyfriend.

But why have on guy when you could have many?

5. You roll your eyes when your friends talk about their weddings.

Seriously, why do girls find that stuff so exciting?

6. You’ve worn a trenchcoat…

Without anything under it.

7. You’ve been caught getting down and dirty in some weird places.


8. Your friends always come to you for reality checks.

You don’t hold back when it comes to the truth. It’s just not productive.

9. You have never believed in the concept of soul mates.

It just seems so sappy!

10. You don’t think monogamy is a viable option.

And you hope you can find a guy – or better yet, a few – who agree with you.
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