The 10 Commandments of Date Parties

Date parties are tricky territory. The combination of an actual boy date, lots of alcohol, and precariously high heels can either make for an epic night out or an utter disaster.
So do us all a favor (to avoid being the cautionary tale that  your great great grandlittle is still talking about) by following these ten simple rules:

1. Thou shalt not embarrass yourself (in front of a camera)

There’s nothing worse than seeing an otherwise cute photo uploaded to Facebook that is made completely mortifying by you and your date’s casual background DFMO.

2. Thou shall take a fun date

We’ve all had some horrible dates in our lifetime. Get set up or get excited about whatever boy on whom you’ve bestowed the dubious honor of being your escort. And of course, don’t be a date-thief.

3. Thou shall eat dinner beforehand

If there’s a formula for embarrassing yourself it’s not eating dinner plus tequila shots. And just to be clear, salads don’t count.

4. Thou shall take advantage of any and all free food

Don’t be that girl who turns down pizza after a night of whiskey sours. No one should have that much will power.

5. Thou shalt not wear something expensive

You don’t want to ruin an expensive dress when you drop a slice of some of aforementioned free pizza on yourself. Forever 21 and Tobi sales will forever be your friends when it comes to picking out the perfect cute/machine washable date party dress.

6. Thou shall stick with one type of alcohol

Jell-O shots+vodka+whiskey+beer=a surefire way to end the night vomiting on your date’s shoes.

7. Thou shall abide by the theme

There’s only a narrow window of time in your life when it’s socially acceptable to dress up on days other than October 31st. Embrace the beauty of looking ridiculous (even if you run around all night dressed up like the Tooth Fairy).

8. Thou shall wear reasonable heels

There’s a sweet spot between full-on stripper and the heels that you wore to your middle school graduation (that, of course, your mom picked out).

9. Thou shall sing unreasonably loud to your favorite song

Zero shame in knowing all the words to the best early 2000’s hit ever.

10. Thou shall take a million and one pictures

Don’t wake up in the morning and come to the realization that the only photo from the night is a screenshot of a drunk text you sent to your high school ex. Make sure to snap photos of you and your friends/date/random acquaintances throughout the night for posterity.

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