The Bonne Bell Co. Is Closing – Goodbye, Youth

The iconic makeup company that every teen and pre-teen girl swore by in the 90’s is closing. Bonne Bell Co. is behind Lip Smacker, those chapsticks that smelt so good you wanted to eat them and came in every flavor from strawberry to Dr. Pepper.
They announced that the company is closing their facility in Ohio and around 100 employees will be permanently laid off. Layoffs are expected to take place March 29th.
California-based Markwins International Corp. has entered into an agreement to acquire Aspire Brands assets Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker and sell their products in Europe, Asia, and Australia. It’s a sad day for all those employees losing their jobs and all the girls who were introduced to makeup with the company’s products.
Stock up on your favorite Lip Smacker flavors while you still can, ladies!

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