5 Items You Should Never Wear To Your Internship

flip flops
College is amazing for several reasons – the fact that you can totally wear pajamas to class if you’re inclined to do so is just one of them. As someone who went to a private school with a dress code my entire life, I loved the fact that I could wear open-toe sandals, jeans and sweatshirts to class. But here’s the bad thing about that: You start to get spoiled by the total lack of dress code in college, only to realize that once you enter the real world, that sort of freedom flies out the window.
It all depends on where you work but there are a few general rules of thumb you should stick to once you score your dream job or internship. Violating these (even if it’s not technically against the rules) just shows a lack of respect. I would argue that this is even more important during your internship. Since you’re looking to make a good impression and possibly score a job at some point, you want to be sure you’re always presenting yourself well during your time as an intern.
These five things just don’t work in a corporate setting. Sure, you can wear something fun if you work in fashion or another creative field, but these options should be saved for class and/or a night out with your friends – not the office.

1. Flip Flops

bad internship outfits
Exposed toes are really not a good idea at the office so save your cute wedge sandals and booties for another time. The most offensive footwear you can wear, though, is a pair of rubber flip flops. They look sloppy no matter how you slice it and if you wear them, you’re basically sending the impression that you didn’t care enough to put on a more appropriate pair of shoes. Save these for your next beach vacation.

2. Tank Tops

work hard play hard
Look, I’m all for women exposing whatever parts of their bodies they choose. Still, there’s a time and a place for everything and a top or dress that exposes a whole lot of shoulder just isn’t a good idea when you’re headed to work. Throw a blazer over those strappy finds and you have the perfect outfit to take you from the office to happy hour with no effort.

3. Short Shorts

office shorts
These might be kosher in some offices but for the most part I would suggest avoiding shorts while on the job. Even if they’re long enough, they just look a bit unprofessional, especially if they’re a simple pair of denim shorts. Once you’ve been at your job for a long enough time you can determine whether or not a pair of longer trouser-style shorts would be okay.

4. Hoodies

pll a hoodie
A nice crew neck sweatshirt might be fine, but you should probably avoid wearing anything with a hood. Even though fashion hoodies are trending right now, it’s just too casual a look for the office. Plus, the only person who can pull of a hoodie is A on Pretty Little Liars

5. Anything Gross

stained clothing tv
It seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised by hard it is  to resist the temptation of just rolling out of bed and throwing on something you find on the floor of your bedroom. To ensure your clothes are always ironed and clean, consider choosing your outfit the night before. It sounds super grade school but at least you can be sure you’ll look presentable without sacrificing any sleep.
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