10 Signs You Have A Pizza Problem

all i care about is pizza
…Okay, fine. That headline is misleading because we all know there’s no such thing as too much pizza. It’s probably the one food I could eat over and over again and never, ever get over. I mean, even bad pizza is amazing. And then there’s the sheer variety you get when you want pizza: Do you want it thick or thin? Red or white? With tons of toppings or just some cheese?
Still, it’s worth noting that there are other foods out there in the world and – as much as I hate to be a buzzkill and bring this up – pizza is not the most bikini-body-friendly food ever. I’m clearly guilty of this so no judgement here, but if more than half of these statements apply to you, you might be eating too much pizza. Now go switch it up and order a salad burger or something.
funny pizza gif

1. You have the Pizza Hut and/or Dominos app on your phone.

You have both…

2. When your mom asks you what you ate for dinner and you say “pizza” she says “again?!?!”

Sorry, mom. I promise I eat vegetables occasionally.

3. You’ve woken up spooning an empty pizza box.

Wait….just me?

4. You have a stack of empty boxes in your kitchen.

Such a pain to throw them away.

5. You turn down dinner invitations way too often.

Because you’d rather stay home with your boy John. He also goes by Papa John.

6. You’ve gone to weird club meetings because they offer free pizza.

But if anyone asks, you’re like, “Yes, I’m totally into cheese! Uh, I mean chess.”

7. Your delivery guy knows you by name.

You’re old friends by now.

8. Your doorman comments on how often you have food deliveries.

It doesn’t count if they’re all from the same place, though. Right?

9. You can’t remember the last time you used a plate or silverware.

The best food is something you can eat with your hands while holding it over the box it came in, duh.

10. You have no energy most of the time.

Apparently that happens when you eat too many carbs/greasy things? Whatever.
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