10 Signs You're The Charlotte York Of Your Group

charlotte york
Oh, Charlotte. She was so sweet, yet so unrealistic. Still, you have to admire her unfailing romanticism. Charlotte provided the breath of optimism and hopefulness that every group of slightly jaded single New York City women so sorely needs.
If you’re the Charlotte of your group, chances are that you’ve heard this a few times from your friends – Charlottes tend to be really easy to spot, mostly because they spend a lot of time talking about their Pinterest perfect weddings and are pretty much always dating someone. Still, if you need some reassurance that you are, in fact, a hopeless romantic, here is the list of telltale signs to see if you live up to this title.
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1. You remember your first wedding vividly.

It happened on the playground and you were five.

2. You have a subscription to Brides.

It’s never too early to start planning! You just hope your Tinder date doesn’t find them…

3. You have multiple wedding boards on Pinterest.

Even though you’re nowhere near engaged yet.

4. Being a stay-at-home mom is your end goal.

You’re all for traditional gender roles.

5. You’ve always dreamed of marrying a doctor.

There’s nothing sexier to you than an wealthy educated man.

6. You’re a total rules girl when it comes to dating.

You know to never accept a date unless he asks at least three days in advance.

7. You’re more focused on your dream wedding than a fabulous career.

They’re not mutually exclusive but you know which one you would choose.

8. You’ve actually clutched your pearls.

You find them so elegant and classic.

9. You think the idea of being engaged in college is romantic.

You don’t care what most people think – it would be a dream come true for you.

10. You hate casual hookups and dating.

For you it’s all about finding ‘the one.’ And yes, you absolutely believe in the idea of ‘the one.’
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