The Biggest Heartbreakers In Teen TV History

Every show has one: A character who just seems to have this innate ability to make everyone single person he or she comes into contact with fall madly in love. This phenomena is interesting on pretty much any show but on teen-centric TV, it is positively fascinating. The show’s resident heartbreaker has the power to bring more drama than even the most scandalous plot twists.
These five fictional characters have had some seriously strong game.They’ve made everyone from their best friends to inappropriate paramours fall head over heels, time after time. And yes, it’s totally normal to hate this character a little bit. It comes along with the heartbreaker territory.

1. Casey Cartwright, Greek

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Casey Cartwright was the college dream. A cute, perky girl with above average intelligence and unparalleled devotion to her sorority. Casey was also the girl who managed to drive a major wedge between two best friends – who, by the way, happened to be two of their college’s most sought-after guys – because they were both head over heels for her. She picked up several other suitors along the way, including (but not limited to) a high school student, her brother’s fanatically religious roommate, and a brilliant science enthusiast. Still, it was her ability to make Evan, an unequivocal catch, and Cappie, the most charming dude ever, fall hard for her that made her a legendary TV heartbreaker.

2. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

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Ugh. So Rory was perfect. She was not only genetically blessed, (perfect skin, world’s largest eyes, the ability to eat anything and never exercise without gaining weight) she was also super smart and annoyingly sweet. Oh, and she had an amazing mom (also a major heartbreaker) and a fabulous set of wealthy, doting grandparents. Bitch had it all so it’s no wonder she also had a handful of guys vying for her love. Oh, and one of these guys happened to be from a straight up dynasty of a family. SPOILER ALERT: She was such a heartbreaker, she even turned down a marriage proposal from dynasty boy. She also inspired her married ex to cheat on his wife and got the most reticent bad boy in teen TV history to profess his love to her. Well played, Rory. Well played.

3.  Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill

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Lucas Scott formed one-third of one of TV’s most legendary love triangles. Whether you were Team Leyton or Team Brucas, you knew that Lucas was worth ruining a lifelong friendship over –  I mean, look at him! He was seriously romantic, too. He even saved the life of his OTL (several times.) It’s really not a coincidence that the show went downhill after Lucas left. His heartbreaker appeal just made this glorious teen drama what it was. Oh, and lets not forget about the other ladies who desperately wanted to be with him: Super hot Rachel Gatina and that awful Lindsay Srauss he almost married.

4. Erin Silver, 90210

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It’s really no wonder Silver was the 90210 reboot’s biggest heartbreaker – she was just following in the footsteps of her half-sister, Kelly, who made every dude ever fall hard in the original series. Erin Silver literally had a thing with every male character in the main cast (unless you include the male adults and really, who does?) She also scored most of these guys while she was dating someone else or while they were dating one of her friends. Seriously, how did she manage to stay friends with all these guys??? They all continued to admire and respect her through it all. She even managed to hold on to her female friends after she stole all their men. It kind of made sense, though. I mean, Silver was really smart, strong, principled (unless you count to boyfriend-stealing) and super pretty, even with a notoriously hard-to-pull-off pixie cut. Unfortunately, her heartbreaker status didn’t stop her from having the worst fate of any character on the show in its finale.

5. Serena van der Woodsen, Gossip Girl

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Well, Serena did have Blake Lively’s hair/face/body so it does sort of make sense that everyone would want her even though she was kind of the worst. Regardless, she was an epic heartbreaker. Everyone from fine ass Nate Archibald to smart ass Dan Humphrey was head over heels for her. Of course, we can’t forget that basically every minor character on the show was also into her, including Steven Spence, multiple teachers and maybe even Georgina Sparks (I know I’m not the only one who thought her season 1 harassment of Serena seemed like the work of a jilted lover.) Serena may have had a seriously annoying, occasionally evil personality but her amazing looks, fabulous wardrobe, impressive pedigree, charming (according to some) personality and undeniable star quality put her in a league of her own.
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