The 5 Best Music Videos If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

selena gomez

No matter how alone you feel right now, know this: You are not alone.

And by this, we mean you’re not the only person who has to face Valentine’s Day sans significant other. It actually happens to the best of us. In fact, I’ll say that if you’ve never spent an adult V-day alone, you’re probably not a fully realized human being.

Break ups happen to the best of us – even celebrities, believe it or not. These music videos will remind you that what you’re feeling is universal. So if you’re feeling heartbroken, rejected or single a f*ck right now, take a listen to these. And eat some chocolate while you’re at it.

1.) The Heart Wants What It Wants

We’ll never understand what Selena sees in Justin but we totally get the lyrics to this song.


2.) Lips Are Movin’

A sassy anthem for any girl who has ever trusted the wrong guy.


3.) Problem

Repeat after Arianna: I got one less problem without you. Make it your mantra.


4.) We Are Never Getting Back Together

It’s a (relatively) old song but it is sort of the definitive breakup song for college girls everywhere.


5.) I’m Not The Only One

Anything by Sam Smith is sort of the perfect wallowing soundtrack. Also Danny Castellano and Quinn Fabray are in this.

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