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Trojan Condoms Parody is 50 Shades of Hilarious


trojan 50 shades parody

From Ellen DeGeneres to Audi, everyone seems to be poking fun at the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie hitting theaters next week. It’s only natural that a condom brand with a sense of humor like Trojan gets in on the joke too!

You know “Fifty Shades of Real Pleasure” will be good when you hear the spoof was directed by Laura Murphy of MTV’s Girl Code. The video depicts a couple who seek advice from a therapist after their attempts to spice up their sex life with a little inspiration from the infamous book go hilariously awry.

This just might be more entertaining than the film itself, but if you do go see the Fifty Shades movie, get there early to see the Trojan 50 Shades movie trailer airing in theaters! In the mean time, maybe try to figure out how to put together that sex swing.


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