Because Emojis Aren't Enough – Now Send GIFs Straight From Your Keyboard

It’s comical how an animated GIF can express your feelings perfectly.
Like when you overdo it on Halloween candy…
agnes hungry
Or when that hot guy from your dorm walks into the party…
Now GIFs are available to send via text, Facebook message, or Twitter straight from your phone keyboard when words (or emojis) fail you. The free iPhone app GIF Keyboard from Riffsy already has more than 1 million downloads, so it’s time to get in on the action!

You’ll be able to search millions of GIFs using tags that range from #ForeverAlone to #MicDrop. Send your friends an adorable puppy yawning to say good morning. Have a winking Beyonce let your crush know you’re looking forward to the party tonight. Or just see how long you can hold a conversation using only GIFs. Texting will never be the same again.


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Trojan Condoms Parody is 50 Shades of Hilarious
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