Save/Splurge: 5 Favorite Stores & Their Inexpensive Equivalent

We all love shopping but hate parting with money. The solution? Make your new favorite store an affordable one. Granted, we all love to splurge on high-end items from pricier stores – I mean, set me loose inside a Neiman Marcus for a few hours and all hell breaks loose – but the first step to filling your closest with affordable clothing without having to resort to the ramen noodle diet is finding great, affordable places to shop.
Replace your current standbys with these more affordable stores – it’s a great first step to creating a more frugal (yet equally stylish) you.

1. If you like J. Crew, you’ll love¬†J. Crew Factory.

It isn’t exactly rocket science: If you’re a J. Crew fan, you’ll obviously love this haven of¬†discounted goods from the main store. The factory deserves a place on this list, though. Why? Because so many people have no idea it even exists. You’ll find all the classic, preppy items you love at the Crew but from previous seasons. You can often slash 30 or 40 percent from your total, too, which means shopping here can be seriously affordable.

2. If you like Express, you’ll love ASOS

Express is sort of a college girl Godsent – a place where you can find work-appropriate clothes for internship interviews as well as cute stuff to wear when you go out. ASOS has a similar model – they sell pretty much everything you could ever want, from hot little dresses to button-down shirts and they offer really great prices. Despite the fact that they’re located overseas, shipping is free and returns are a cinch.

3. If you like Urban Outfitters, you’ll love Tobi

If Urban is your go-to for everything from tees to dresses, you should check out Tobi. They sell really simple, breezy tee shirt dresses as well as cute body con dress you can wear at night, plus much more. The prices are super low and you can even take 50% off our first order when you shop online at Tobi (so you should probably make this order a big one.)

4. If you like Kate Spade, you’ll love Modcloth

If you’re into Kate Spade’s retro vibe, you just mind find the perfect A-line dress or high-waisted swimsuit at Modcloth. This brand sells super feminine, cute stuff at low price points. I especially love their collection of fit and flare dresses, perfect for weddings and sorority formals.

5. If you like Nordstrom, you’ll love Piperlime

Nordstrom is the one store that appeals to pretty much every girl regardless of her taste. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff they sell is pricey. Piperlime sells goods from a lot of the same contemporary designers but their sale section is massive, meaning you can usually find a good deal on an expensive item. They also offer tons of promo codes that allow you to slash an additional percentage. The store is sadly going out of business so stay tuned for big sales as they attempt to get rid of everything.
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