Want To Save Cash This Valentine's Day? Try These 5 Easy Recipes

Valentine’s Day may be all about love and flowers and kisses, but here’s one thing people neglect to mention when discussing the holiday: Shit can get expensive.
If you’re feeling a bit financially tapped out from the holiday season (girl, aren’t we all?) then you’re going to want to hear this: Contrary to popular belief, you can have an amazing, romantic celebration without shelling out too much cash. In fact, sometimes the simple celebrations are the most meaningful.
Why spend money on an overpriced dinner at an overcrowded restaurant when you could just stay in, open a bottle of wine, cuddle up on the couch, watch some sappy movies and enjoy a home cooked meal? These recipes are so easy that even the most inexperienced chefs can make them taste damn good.

1. Easy Lemon Chicken:

Chicken is an obvious crowd-pleaser. This super easy recipe is both simple and elegant. Serve this chicken up with some green beans for a perfect date night dinner. Find the full recipe here.

2. Italian Wonderpot:

There’s nothing more romantic than a big starchy meal. This pasta dish is super affordable and only requires one pot (less to clean!), which means it should be a college girl staple. Break it out for the holiday to seriously impress your date. Find the full recipe here.

3. The Easiest Fish Tacos:

Granted, they’re not the most romantic things in the world, but everyone love tacos. They’re the perfect thing to make at home – they aren’t just a cinch to prepare, they’re also really fun to put together. Make these foolproof fish tacos and set out the toppings in little bowls. Serve with margaritas for the best Valentine’s Day ever. get the recipe here.

4. Super Simple Sesame Soba Noodles:

My current favorite recipe is basically the easiest thing you’ll ever make. It also happens to be a delicious, carb-y dish that’ll keep you full. These spicy noodles seriously hit the spot and have just enough heat to make them perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can get the recipe I’m loving here. 

5. Homemade Pizza:

Keep it more affordable – and healthier – than ordering up a cheesy pie by making your own pizza at home. Make an evening of it by inviting your date over early so you can have a pizza making party together (it’s actually really fun!) You can top off your pie with whatever toppings you like. Check out this guide on the easiest way to make pizza at home.
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