Amy Schumer Is a Super Big Mess in Trainwreck

The first trailer for Trainwreck, the Amy Schumer-Judd Apatow project that’s behind that photo of Daniel Radcliffe walking all the dogs, is here. The set-up is simple-Amy (carrying on the tradition of Mindy, the actress keeps her name even on screen) isn’t into commitment. Like not even Facebook-status-commitment. Not even second date commitment. But that changes (maybe?) when she meets Aaron (Bill Hader) because Bill Hader is adorable and charming and who wouldn’t want to go on a second date with him? But can people really change? Probably, because even at its raunchiest this is still a rom-com. But a really solid one that includes cameos from Matthew Broderick, Marisa Tomei and LeBron James. Trainwreck comes out on July 17th.

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