The 7 Worst Things About Going to College Far Away from Home

There are tons of perks when it comes to moving far away for college—the adventure, the opportunity to meet people from around the country, and of course the fact that your parents can’t drive down for a “surprise” visit when you’re horrifically hung over. As amazing as it is to pick up and move across the country, there are also times when you wish you were close enough to sleep in your childhood bed or drown your post-exam sorrows at your hometown happy hour. Here are the seven most relatable struggles that everyone ultimately faces when they move away for college:

1. People don’t even care about your favorite sports team

2. No one understands what you’re talking about

3. Airports (enough said)

4. You look permanently weather-confused

5. Puppy snuggles are few and far between

6. Food cravings are so real

7. The laundry struggle never ends