These 5 Instagram Accounts Are All The Fitspo You Need

If you’re so over your Instagram feed (one can only take so many selfies and breakfast shots), you should consider adding some of these fitness-themed accounts to your follow list.
I know what you’re thinking: Ugh. No. I don’t care how awesome Jen Selter’s body is or how many pushups some rando in Australia can do. But hear me out here: Fitness accounts (at least these ones) offer up some great motivational quotes (great for when you’re debating between a trip to the gym or a trip to the couch), effective quickie workouts and even some healthy recipes. Following a few of these is actually a really great way to jumpstart your campaign to make yourself a healthier person.
So go ahead – click that follow button and see what these accounts can do for you.


gym inspiration instagram
If motivational quotes are what you’re after, you’ll love this account. Instead of generic shots of hard-bodied women in bikinis, they post cute, fun sayings and images that are more effective than cheesy. Just don’t try saying the account name fast – shit is as hard as any workout.


food instagram accounts healthy
Workout inspiration with a side of #foodporn. We’ll take it.


healthy instagram accounts to follow
No motivational quotes, no corny sayings, just videos of super strong ladies doing some seriously incredible things.


fitness instagram
Meet your next girl crush. Emily will make you want to drop the cheeseburger and run to the gym, stat.


funny fitspo
If you’re not into seeing people pull off superhuman gym move, this is the fitness page for you. Think fewer ab shots, more hilarious images.
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