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Get Your Own Fifty Shades Experience


Fifty Shades of Grey

Are you envious of Anastasia Steele’s sexy weekends away with the Christian Grey, to a point where you would do anything for that BDSM experience? Well now for just $12,397 you can have your own helicopter experience a la Fifty Shades. lets you choose your Christian from a group of experienced BDSM dominants, or artists as the site advertises, who will fly you around the city prior to a dinner with dialogue from Fifty Shades of Grey. The two-day experience comes with BDSM equipment (don’t worry, they also specify that it’s new).

Already have your own Christian Grey? Well, the now famous Heathman Hotel allows you to take your man on a Fifty Shades ride of a lifetime.

The Heathman Hotel’s Inner-Goddess Package comes with a complimentary grey neck tie (have fun ladies).

The hotel has created a handful of packages all inspired by the books. And for $2,750 the “Charlie Tango No Limits” package gives you a helicopter tour of the city for you and six friends, and even roses for the ladies. Not sure I’d wanna mix friendship and BDSM but hey, the more the merrier?

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