Binge Watch/Binge Drink: Gossip Girl Edition

Binge Watch Binge Drink - Gossip Girl Edition
If you’ve finished up your Friends and Gilmore Girls marathons and are looking for a new show to Netflix, might I suggest Gossip Girl?
You’ve probably already watched this ridiculous drama about ridiculous people who are ridiculously good-looking and ridiculously rich. Still, I can fully attest to the fact that it’s just as good the second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) time through. And if you haven’t watched it yet, please do. It’s incredibly addictive.
Whether you’re watching for the first time or you’re getting into it with a full working knowledge of the Upper East side scene, you should probably up the ante of your GG viewing experience by adding some champagne into the mix (Blair Waldorf would have your head if you chose to drink beer but we’ll allow you to opt for a martini instead).

Drink whenever one of these things happens – just don’t blame us if you’re a Serena-level hot mess by the end of it.

1. Serena and Blair get into a fight.
2. Blair wears a headband. Bonus points if it has a bow.
3. You can see Serena’s cleavage, which is always in the shape of a rhombus.
4. Dan gets nervous and starts blabbering.
5. Chuck Bass says “I’m Chuck Bass.”
6. You’re legitimately shocked by a plot twist.
7. Serena mumbles out of the side of her mouth (proceed with caution.)
8. Vanessa is the worst.
9. Jenny does something rebellious and it’s super annoying.
10. Jenny wears an obscene amount of eye makeup.
11.  You wish you could have Serena’s wardrobe.
12. You wish you could have Blair’s mastermind abilities.
13. Chuck is wearing something purple.
14. Someone falls in love with Serena.
15. Nate looks confused.
16. Chuck is drinking alone.
17. Blair makes an elitist comment.
18. Some mentions Brooklyn disdainfully.
19. Blairs talks about getting into Yale.

20. Serena gets something Blair wants. She’s kind of the worst. You’ll see.

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