12 Lasting Signs You Went to Catholic School

Your childhood was just a little stricter, involved a lot less cursing, and took a lot longer to get to school than the average youth. Whether you loved it, hated it, or loved to hate it, going to a Catholic School impacts you for life. Knee socks will never be the same again.

1. You look great in plaid.

mary katherine gallagherIt’s not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

2. You’ve been a “naughty school girl” for Halloween at least once.

naughty schoolgirlCut a few inches off your skirt, and voila, your costume is ready. What else are you using your uniform for?

3. You have no issue with public speaking.

wolf of wall stYou’ve been doing readings at church for approximately forever.

4. You are always forced to act as secretary at trivia nights or in group projects.

writingAll those penmanship classes are finally paying off.

5. You still have a little trouble picking a new outfit every day.

cher clueless closetAs much as you complained about having a uniform, it was a lot easier and faster than ripping apart your closet everyday in an effort to look put together.

6. You will never again complain about a mascot.

friar mascotIf it wasn’t your school, you knew of one in the area whose nickname was “Saints,” “Friars,” or “Crusaders”…and DEFINITELY no “Devils.” Super intimidating when it comes to sports.

7. You have flashbacks when you hear the word “confession.”

bearThe horror of telling a random man your sins was almost as bad as memorizing those prayers you were supposed to say for penance. Plus, you always threw in an extra “Hail Mary” for the sins you, um, “forgot” to confess.

8. You still instinctively touch your forehead on Ash Wednesday.

colbertSomehow you always went to the priest who went ham on your head and spent the rest of the day trying to discretely wipe it off.

9. You feel like you should get more holidays.

holy dayDoes “Holy Day of Obligation” mean nothing in the real world?

10. You can handle any workout after doing the Station of the Cross.

charlie at churchSit, stand, kneel, stand, sit, stand, kneel, stand.

11. You know the Bible is the best source material for movies, musicals, and television.

Uh-oh-what-just-happened-penguins-of-madagascar-18652283-1440-900All your friends turn to you after a production of Godspell and need you to explain.

12. You save room for the Holy Spirit.

jwowwOkay, maybe you’re over that one.

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