12 Definite Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

Work, school, life…sometimes you just need a day off. We’ve all been there. You’re so busy and overwhelmed with things that need to get done that you don’t even realize you need some time to yourself. Grant yourself the gift of a mental health day (or even just skipping a class) before you go absolutely crazy if you’re seeing this signs.

1. You can’t remember the last time you didn’t wake up to an alarm.

anna frozen waking up

2. You almost had a mental breakdown in the bathroom in the middle of Stats.


3. You seriously thought about not coming back from your 10 minute mid-class break.


4. You actively tried to catch a cold from coughing girl next to you in the library.

tina fey

5. You spent more time daydreaming while looking out the window than doing homework today.


6. You can’t get dressed in anything except a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants.


7. You almost let one the snarky comments you think to yourself come out of your mouth.


8. You fell asleep at your desk out of boredom and didn’t even care about the professor seeing.

bunny asleep

9. You have vivid visions of slapping your boss and declaring, “I QUIT!” before storming out, never to be heard of again.

wreck computer

10. You almost submitted a paper with gaps and notes like “LOOK UP THIS CRAP LATER” still on it.


11. You very nearly took out the guy who cut you in the sandwich line.

going crazy

12. You haven’t gone grocery shopping in months and the take out boxes are piling up.

can't do it

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