Get Her Look: Your Guide To Snagging Rachel Berry's Wardrobe

Get Her Look - Rachel Berry
Glee may have come full circle in its final season but one thing has definitely changed: Rachel Berry’s style.
I mean, homegirl looks good these days! She was always sort of awkward and into schoolgirl-ish items like animal sweaters and knee socks. Obviously, those looks needed to go.
The good news? She did nix some of the more questionable things she wore. The even better news? While Rachel’s style has certainly improved over the years, it hasn’t completely changed. It has simply evolved into a far superior version of what it used to be.
Are you a fan of Rachel Berry’s style? If so, shop the 10 items below that’ll help you snag it. At the very least, you have to admit that her style seems inversely proportionate to the quality of the show – the worse Glee gets, the better Rachel looks.

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