12 Problems Only People Who Don't Like Beer Understand

Ever feel like just because you prefer a nice vodka cranberry over a beer, you’re a social outcast? You’ve tried to kick back with a brew but find yourself longing for a Long Island? You consider bringing a personal bottle of Moscato to a party because you hear there will only be kegs?  Your struggle is real…and you’re not alone.

1. You spend tons of money at bars.

take my moneyYour friends always pick the bar with the cheapest beer specials, but you’re stuck paying $10 for a decent cocktail.

2. You can’t really play party games.

the office left outFrom pong to quarters, you’re kind of screwed if you don’t enjoy beer. There was that time you played flip cup with tequila, and we all know how that turned out.

3. You feel awkward asking if there is anything else to drink.

justin timberlake awkwardThe host always acts like it’s no problem to run inside and open a new bottle of wine, but you know they are secretly cursing you for being so difficult.

4. You look silly at sporting events.

slap the bag tailgateWho goes to a tailgate with boxed wine? You.

5. You get drunk way faster than your friends.

snl drunk cinderellaIt’s not your fault that rum has a higher alcohol content.

6. You find another non-beer drinker at a party and have to hide your excitement.

Paris Hilton Nicole Richie LaughingIs she holding a whiskey sour? Instant soulmate.

7. You get weird looks when you explain you simply don’t like the taste of beer.

chandler friends reallyPeople act like it’s the most insane thing they’ve ever heard.

8. You sound like a bitch when a guy asks if he can buy you a drink.

britney spears awkward“Sure! Just whatever you’re having…unless you’re having beer.”

9. You are constantly convinced to try different types of beers.

toddlers and tiaras grossYou taste it just to get people off your case but never have luck in finding one you actually enjoy.

10. You are always left out when someone offers to buy a round.

jimmy fallon lonelyBecause chiming in with, “Umm…rum and coke for me,” kills the mood.

11. Your boyfriend always has to make a special trip to the liquor store for you.

emma stone shruggingHis fridge is stocked with four types of beer but that’s not good enough for your movie night.

12. You want to enjoy a pint, but you just can’t.

more wine game of thronesSorry I’m not sorry.

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