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8 Signs It’s Time to Define the Relationship


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Dating used to be simple. A guy would ask if a girl wanted to “go steady” and everyone knew where you stood. Nowadays, there are all these extra steps on the road to being boyfriend and girlfriend. With acceptable relationship titles like “friends with benefits,” “hooking up,” and “talking,” it’s no wonder we are analyzing his texts with our friends to figure out what’s going on! Eventually though, you’ve got to make sure you and your guy are on the same page. Defining the relationship is the scariest conversation you can have, but if these signs apply, it’s time.

1. You aren’t dating other people.

Even if you haven’t labeled yourselves as “exclusive,” chances are if you really like a guy, you have no desire to see anyone else. But while you are investing all your time in one guy, is he doing the same? Talking about seeing other people isn’t only crucial to your mental state, but it’s a health concern as well.

2. You spend a lot of time together.

Not only does he make sure you’re hitting the same parties on the weekend, but he invites you to chill with his friends and is happy to pencil you in for lunch. At this point, you know that you enjoy his company in a variety of situations and he’s making time to hang out. If you and your guy are in this situation, it’s a good sign that things are heading in the direction of becoming official.

3. He has introduced you to his friends.

When a guy brings a girl around his friends, you can bet he’ll have the “so what did you think?” conversation later. He is seeing how you gel because he sees a future where you’ll be around. If his buddies start to absentmindedly refer to you as his girlfriend, they probably assume they’ll be seeing more of you too.

4. You’ve met his family.

How many guys have you introduced to your family? Not many, right? That’s why this is a huge indicator that things are getting serious. He might act like having dinner while his parents are in town isn’t a big deal, but meeting those close to him is revealing more about him.

5. He isn’t shy about posting pictures with you.

If he was trying to hide you, he would avoid taking pictures with you or get uncomfortable when you tag him on Facebook. Even the least social media savvy guy knows that his friends will start asking questions when they notice you’ve been hanging out a lot.

6. You tell each other everything.

Do you know what classes he’s taking? Have you told him about your hometown? When something funny happens, is he the one you immediately want to text? Not keeping secrets is vital, but keeping each other updated on your daily life tells a lot too.

7. Your friends keep bugging you to DTR.

Your friends know you best. If they know he’s not right for you, they’ll try to get him out of the picture. But if they notice you’re smitten, they will of course tease you about making things official.

8. You’re comfortable with him.

You don’t panic if your hair is a little messy around him and you don’t feel like you have to censor what you’re saying. The ability to be yourself around someone is the most important part of a relationship…constantly putting on a front is exhausting and sure to be a disaster down the road.

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