The Voice Season 8 Premiere: Top Highlights & Recap

The Voice Season 8 premier
The Voice premiered its 8th season tonight on NBC, and it started off with some awesome talent. It also brought us back one of the original judges, Christina Aguilera.
Adam Levine, Pharrell, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton sat through the blind auditions, and so far we can tell that it is going to be a tough competition.
Maroon 5‘s lead singer, Adam didn’t get anybody on his team, even tough he was trying really hard to pitch himself and convince the talent to join his team. Of course, Blake Shelton, who won last season, thought it was hilarious.
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Shelton and Pharrell count with three members on their team; and Aguilera, two.

Team Blake: 

Sarah Potenza, Cody Wickline, and Joshua Davis.
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Team Christina:

Rob Taylor, and Treeva Gibson.
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Team Pharrell:

Lowell Oakley, Meghan Linsey, and Swayer Fredericks.
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Team Adam:

None  Sorry bb
The highlight of the night came when contestant Bryce Sherlow, who was not picked by any of the judges, confessed that she sang “Happy” with her acapella team. Christina Aguilera decided it would be a good idea for Bryce and Pharrell to do an impromptu duo of the song, and it was awesome!
[protected-iframe id=”3133be35462a4a13609b94bb30a376f9-860993-80121925″ info=”” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
Tomorrow it’s the second round on the blind auditions, and we will have all the details and highlights for you. Stay tuned!

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