See America's Top 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations

Hey ladies, are you debating where to travel for spring break this year? If you’re looking to get actually insane, COED has compiled a list of the trashiest, drunkest, rowdiest locations. It’s a yearly list, and they changed it up this year to include Cocoa Beach, Florida. They even added a new level of trash factor: the cost of a public intoxication ticket. That way, you can seriously plan where you want to be for SB2015.

If this list inspires you to book a room immediately, they worked with to figure out the average flight and hotel cost of a two night stay (but it’s completely acceptable if you want drink until your liver is dunzo, which could take up to a week).
Whether you’re thinking of hitting up Destin, Gulf Shores, or New Orleans, here's the ultimate guide to finding the trashiest spring break destination in the map. Grab those bikinis, and get ready to make bad decisions with the help of grain alcohol that you’ll be pouring down your gullet on the beach.

View Top 20 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations 2015 here


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