Lady Gaga Will Star in American Horror Story

Lady Gaga is the best at career surprises. After her incredible Sound of Music medley at the Oscars, she could have announced anything. She was going to star in a remake? Sure. She was going to release an album featuring only covers of showtunes? Totally unboard. As it turns out the next big thing for Gaga isn’t about music, but acting-she’ll be appearing in the next season of everyone’s favorite creepy drama, American Horror Story. AHS kind of sagged this season, with none of the fans as excited about Freak Show as they were about Coven (seriously, let’s bring the witches back). This isn’t the first time AHS has used a musician, Adam Levine guest starred in season 2. Time for the fan fiction writers to get speculating about the next season’s setting and Gaga’s role. Will it require her to bring back the meat dress?
[Jason Merritt/ Staff/ Getty Images]

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