6 Trips Every College Student Should Take

Here’s the thing about traveling: you either have time, but no money or you have money, but no time. You’re probably broke, but break open that piggy bank because traveling is definitely something you should do while you’re still in school. Once you join the work force, you don’t get extended breaks where all your friends happen to be free as well. With a little money saving and some planning, these unforgettable trips will become the best times of your life.

1. Spring Break

There will not be another opportunity in your life to spend an entire week wasted in a bathing suit with all your best buds and tons of college kids from around the country. Even a year after college, this will be beneath you. Don’t let this opportunity to get a little too crazy pass.

2. Music Festival

Every summer, tons of music festivals held around the United States make incredible weekend vacations. From setting up your campsite to seeing some of the most incredible bands in the world, this is an amazing bonding experience with your friends. Not into concerts? Music festivals are so much more than that. Everyone should try it at least once.

3. Road Trip

Pack up the car and hit the road with friends! Set out for a destination, but keep an eye out for fun stops along the way. There’s nothing like unexpectedly discovering the perfect breakfast spot or an amazing photo opportunity.

4. Service Trip

Stepping out of your comfort zone to help others is a scary but totally enriching and humbling experience. Do you like children? Spend a few weeks int he summer helping orphans in Africa. Want to get your hands dirty? Help build houses in the Caribbean. There are tons of opportunities that will help you realize how lucky you are and how you can use your skills to make life better for others. Bonus: it looks really good on a resume.

5. Visit a Friend Studying Abroad

If spending a semester away from home seems like too much, don’t miss the opportunity to visit a friend in another country. Your friend will be a perfect tour guide so you really get to know a new city.

6. Backpack Through Europe

There are so many amazing cities in Europe that aren’t too far away from each other so you can bounce from country to country. Living with only the supplies in your suitcase will teach you about being smart and resourceful. Definitely stay in hostels not only because it’s less expensive, but you will likely meet other young travelers from around the world.

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