16 Signs That Senioritis is Hitting You Hard

Senioritis. Every spring semester the disease spreads through the graduating class with no help for a cure until graduation finally arrives. Donning the cap and gown is still months away, but for seniors everywhere, it can’t come soon enough. Suddenly school work takes a backseat to drinking, getting Instagram likes, napping, and well, everything. Be careful if you start showing signs of this illness…the effects can be deadly.

1. Getting dressed for class looks something like this.

sweatpants everyday

2. But honestly, you feel like your professor should consider themselves lucky you even made the effort to come.

sadie awkward

3. Considering you miss approximately half your classes.


4. “YOLO” becomes your motto and reason to do everything.


5. Like throw a party on a Tuesday night.

party all night

6. Or day drink on a Wednesday.


7. Or pregame an exam.

drinking whatever

8. You can’t believe the professors have the audacity to keep assigning papers.


9. All your assignments are done hours before they are due.


10. Obviously, not well.

type every word i know

11. Your other motto: “C’s Get Degrees.”

anna kendrick don't care

 12. You have a couple close friends left, but everyone else needs to GTFO.

i don't care nicole richie

13. You stopped trying to make up good excuses for missing events.

not even sorry

14. Because watching cat videos feels more important than studying.

grumpy cat gif

15. You spend more time calculating the lowest grade you can get and still pass than working on assignments.

toy story you'll be fine

16. Basically, you’re just counting down the days until freedom.

oitnb dance

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