6 Reasons Day Drinking Is Severely Underrated

The cold weather has me reminiscing on my favorite outdoor activity: day drinking. There is nothing in the world like feeling the sun on you as you sip a cold beer. I actually don’t understand why people ever stay up late to drink in a dark bar or someone’s mom’s basement when you could drink all day long. It’s noon right? Who’s with me?

1. You Don’t Waste the Entire Next Day

Staying out until 3 AM is fun while it’s happening, but it makes the next day hell on earth. Even if you don’t have a hangover, you’re tired and nothing gets accomplished except binge watching Orange Is the New Black. When you drink during the day, you keep a steady buzz for a longer time, resulting in less of that “I think I might actually die” feeling the following morning. If anything, you’ll be feeling that hangover at night when it’s time to go to sleep, but then you go to sleep!

2. You Can Enjoy Outdoor Activities

When you go out at night, the only places open are dark, crowded bars. There are so many wonderful places to day drink. The beach, baseball games (just not your cousin’s little league game…), in your own backyard…it’s wonderful. You get to enjoy nature and get a little buzz going. Just make sure it’s legal.

3. It Costs Less

Going out at night is a major hit to the wallet. There are cover charges and no specials at bars for starters. Bars are way more likely to have drink specials during the day (hello, happy hour) and buying drinks at the liquor store to have on your patio will save you a fortune.

4. You Don’t Have to Get Dressed Up

Bathing suits, shorts, sundresses, or really anything you have in your closet is acceptable attire for day drinking. There is no need to put on full makeup, a tight dress, and 4-inch heels. Just throw on your shades and flip flops and you’re good to go.

5. You Can Actually See and Hear

And have an actual conversation! Bars are almost as bad as Abercrombie & Fitch stores at the mall. They’re dark, crowded, and you can’t hear yourself think. At a day drink, you can put on some good country music in the background and actually chat with your friends over a frozen marg.

6. You Don’t Have to Plan

You know why? Everything is still open. You don’t have to worry about there not being cabs available or what time the trains stop running. Hungry? You’re not limited to the 24 hour deli. If you get bored, there are a million other places to go.

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