The Dos and Don'ts of Big/Little Week

Whether we admit to it or not, everyone wants to be known as the big who pulled off the most over the top, caloric, frat-boy filled big/little week. Forget finals — you haven’t seen stress until you’ve watched a big bake brownies, glue gun sequins, and study for a test, all while wielding a paint pen.
Big Little Week
Because no one wants to come in last place, I’ve crafted the ultimate overachiever’s guide to killing the big/little game. She’ll love you no matter what (even if you did buy those cookies instead of baking them), but here’s how to go the extra mile.
big/little week

DO plan ahead.

That private Pinterest board is gonna come in handy when it’s time to plan out your entire big/little week before you even know her monogram.

DON’T fake your baking skills.

Avoid the temptation to buy store bought cookies and rough them up a little to make them look homemade. Your little will no doubt appreciate the time you put into actually baking.
*Author’s note: This is coming from the girl ate half the cupcakes she made herself because they looked so horrifyingly bad—so take it with a grain of salt.

DON’T inflict crafting-related bodily harm on yourself or others.

Everyone knows that glue gun burns are for amateurs, and you don’t want to be rocking a scar like Harry Potter for the rest of eternity.

DO help your baking impaired friends.

A true overachieving big can craft the perfect big/little canvas while simultaneously helping a sister avoid setting off the dorm’s fire alarm with burned cupcakes.

DO trick her into believing it’s not you.

Make her sweat a little bit and convince her that she got that one girl who wasn’t even on her list.

DON’T hold back on the painted letters.

Or sorority colors. Or glitter. Big/little week isn’t the time to be understated.

DO raid the dollar store.

Just because no one ever needed a fake palm tree and a beach ball doesn’t mean they don’t want ‘em.

DON’T completely alienate your little’s roommate.

Recognize that this girl is letting a crazy person armed with streamers and confetti inside of her tiny dorm room. And if she’s not in a sorority it never hurts to bake her a little something extra so she doesn’t feel left out!

DO ask your big and grandbig for help.

Take it from an old lady—we’ll be happy to be included in the fun and you’ll be happy to have the extra manpower when it comes to blowing up a sea of balloons to decorate her room.

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